Next Steps

The purpose of this project is to provide funding for bespoke and demand led training requirements identified from the portfolio of project activities within Monmouthshire’s Axis 3 and Axis 4 activities for the target groups listed under the Axis 3 i.e. economic actors. 

The project aligns directly to a key objective in Monmouthshire’s Local development strategy:

 ‘To raise the skill level of communities’

It will

  • Provide opportunities to address training requirements that are outside the remit of national training providers
  • Raise the skills levels of beneficiaries within Monmouthshire’s rural communities
  • Ensure that the training provided is specific to beneficiary needs and fully accessible to those living in remote rural locations

The programme will be demand led and designed to meet the individual’s needs and could include training in key trades skills, dry stone walling, etc. It will occur as and when gaps are identified throughout the lifetime of the project.

Contact Michael Powell for further information

Tel: 01633 644870